Image by Monica Valls

Our Story

  How We Got Started  

by Frankie

As a little girl, I loved all things design. Interior, graphic and fashion. There was something so beautiful about the process of designing a truly wonderful piece that made a person fall in love, and something so precious in making a person feel beautiful, make a space come alive and it all fit perfectly to create the artwork expressing their uniqueness.


It was this love for design, cultivating, and passion for creating, that led me to create Marigold Avenue. But, creatives, like myself, can be somewhat of a dreamer, and we need those around that provide structure and ground us, those that guide us into making an idea, a reality. I was lucky to find a kindred soul in my best friend, and sister in-law, Janine. She shared a love of design and believed in fostering

talent within others around her into something that will allow them to live their passion. 


Over MANY cups of coffees, we planned and shared ideas and, finally, we decided to take the plunge and prepared a a-z plan of action.


After finding some of the best local talent, sourcing beautiful goodies, and a whole lot of logistics, we were ready to share our passion with South Africans, and Marigold Avenue was born.


Through sweat, tears and a whole lot of heart, we could finally share our love of all things beautiful with all of you lovely folks.

Janine & Frankie

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